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Made @ UW - November 2018

Pulse was made in response to a prompt about emotion-driven design needs.

Technologies used: 
  • Figma
  • Sketch 
  • InVision

Pulse is an app that recognizes elevated heart rates and assists people during anxiety attacks. 

Through a process of user research and testing, Pulse was created as a response to finding ways to ease anxiety. 

Pulse is mainly an Apple Watch that releases haptic feedback and automatically launches whenthe heart rate monitor on the Apple Watch senses an oncoming panic attack. It is accompanied by an iPhone app that can allow people to track their heart rate, panic attack statics, allow them to journal if they need it, and set soothing sounds as well as an emergency contact. This app is made for the niche who have an apple watch but even if one doesn’t they can download the iPhone app to use as a
pre-emptive journaling tool.

The app focuses on 4 problem spaces: 
  1. Recognize an anxiety attack and launch the app automatically.
  2. Provide the ability to track attacks through data and journaling.
  3. Avoid making users focus on a screen for an extensive time.
  4. Allow users to tailor their experience with the app

Initial sketches 

Wireframes + Design Details

App Watch UI Screens

Phone App UI Screens

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