Creative / Writer / Researcher


Explorations in the liminal space where our inner and outer worlds meet through the lens of silence. How can silence lead to deeper understanding of the self and others?


Reading and Writing Electronic Text

Projects made with pieces of text and python. Digital cut-ups, markov chains, and more. 


A zine created in tribute to the women and events that happened in Iran September to December of 2022. The zine symbolizes length and memorial.

Erasing News

Pulling from the New York Times’ database, creates a smattering of how the news is represented today. Included data tagging to visualize the information overload created by the news.


An exploration of storytelling through AR to bring stories from from the past into the present.


A video portrait about a personal narrative. Particularly about the things that built us, leading my life from India to the US. It speaks to the silent memories we messily store on our phones and the traces people leave in our lives.

Avatars and Self

A conceptual exploration of the self, body, mind.

Experiments with Code

Collection of experiments with code. Mixture of p5.js and python experiments exploring basic concepts and techniques in computational narratives, typography, color, 3D space, and light.

Design Systems

A generative poster design created using p5.js and printed using a RiSO printer

RiSO animations

Testing RiSO animations using Adobe Illustrator and RiSO printer


An app that uses the in-built heart rate monitor in an Apple Watch to track anxiety and help during anxiety attacks.

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