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Hi, Google Creative Lab, and welcome to the little place on the internet I am currently calling home. 

I’m Megha Goel (b. India; living and working in Brooklyn, NY) - a swiss army knife with words, using technology to give words shape, and help tell the stories in the room that remain silent.  Really, that just means I’m a writer, researcher, and technologist that focuses on communication and will bring that sharp editing fortitude to the team at the Creative Lab as a Fiver. 

My work is steeped in three key principles: 
1. Empathy: 
    Prior to graduate school, I worked as UX Researcher for PeepalDesign in India and then Bold Insight in the US. There, I worked as a consultant conducting interviews with people of varied backgrounds. At PeepalDesign, my primary focus was on telling international stories by collecting cultural context and focusing on the core fabric that shapes humans before they touch technology. I helped clients understand the way a new userbrings their core upbrining and background into the way they use technology. 

2. Collaboration: 
    In work and school I’ve worked on a plethora of projects where collaboration has been at the center. Some of the key collaborative projects I’ve worked with peers on at graduate school are: an AR app that brings history into the present (the next iteration is to implement into a map like Google Maps) and a memorial that stands as a testament to the women in Iran (as a way to preserve history). 
    I’ve also worked multiple copy editing and writing tutor jobs where my aim has always been to help people tell the best story they can, working with people to understand what they want to communicate to then help them formulate a line of inquiry.

3. Communication:    
    In both empathy and collaboration, communicaiton plays a key role. But for me communication is also about the data presented and how I can dismantle the data (or the words) to retell new stories. Recently, I’ve begun a series of explorations with Python libraries (Notion page with more), focused on creating digital cut-ups to communicate hidden meaning from existing texts. I’ve furthered my line of inquiry into a larger topic of silence to create my Master’s thesis, compiled into a self-bound book. Beyond writing and communicating data to clients, I use computation to augment storytelling. Recently, I’ve begun an alternating daily art project with a friend foudn on Instagram. My goal in this daily practice is to manipulate found texts into new stories. 

As a Fiver, I will bring these principles, my love for the oxford comma, and multicultural background to the team. I am inspired when a problem presents itself and I have to go down rabbit holes to find answers -- which I look forward to doing at the Creative Lab.

More work samples: 
- Erasing News 
- Odds

I also hold a Master’s degree from New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Programme, a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Science in  Information Design from the University of Washington. You can find my resume here

Selected Work: 

In Hindi, my name means clouds. Similar to the clouds, I’ve been drifting through different spaces on the web, leaving a scattered digital footprint. As I build this archive, bear with me, and find my scattered thoughts and ITP documentation on my blog called Lately About

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